Geojitu Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading consulting, training and compliance organizations in the nation. Through our network of highly qualified consultants, we provide innovative programs that are designed with your employees' Environment, Safety & Health in mind. Our safety audits offer a proactive method of fixing problems before they become accidents, and our comprehensive risk management programs are designed to reduce accidents and avoid costly OSHA citations. Malaysian businesses were still hit with a record amount of safety-related fines and penalties. When that cost is added to the thousands of lost work-hours due to on-the-job injuries, and the billions of dollars spent annually on Workers Compensation Disability claims, it becomes clear that safety is one of the most important issues facing the workplace today. Geojitu Sdn. Bhd. can help. If your organization truly cares about its employees, an increased level of safety awareness is the best investment you can make. Geojitu Sdn. Bhd. is devoted exclusively to assisting your company save money and to secure a safe and profitable future through proactive comprehensive safety & loss control services that: reduce the frequency and severity of your losses, reduce and/or eliminate your exposure to liability and loss, safeguard the environment, health and safety of your employees, and protect your assets and your profitability.

Geojitu Sdn. Bhd. is also provides the highest standard of engineering survey services to its Clients by adopting modern technologies and methodologies. We enhance the quality of services in the communities we serve by using state of the art surveying equipment, instruments and gadgets to insure high precision outputs and is an active partner in the nation’s development and progress. With Geojitu Sdn. Bhd.’s attitude to be innovative in its field and in consonance with international surveying and geodetic engineering standards, it has continuously upgraded its surveying capability by adopting the latest state of the art surveying equipment like Global Positioning System (GPS) and Electronic Total Stations.

Geojitu maintains a competitive advantage by developing and fostering the following tenets:

1. Superior customer relations

2. Efficient and low cost operations

3. Quality products and service by maintaining a zero tolerance for errors or omissions

4. High quality associate consultant and employees

5. Competitively priced products and services

6. Cutting edge and new generation technology products

7. Innovative and creative methodologies and applications

8. Continuous measurable improvement

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GEOJITU SDN. BHD. (845292-A)
Suite B-C, 325-B,
Front Entrance, Melati Square,
Jalan Pusat Bandar, Pusat Bandar Melawati,
53100 Kuala Lumpur.

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